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    Accurate, efficient, effective. Your words translated in any language.

    For us, it’s about our clients relying on our service to deliver accurate and efficient translations on time, every time.

    Drawing on over 50 years’ experience, we provide the very best translation services to businesses across a myriad of industries including general commerce, law, medicine, finance, public service and creative.

    Taking care to listen to your requirements, we’ll match you with one of our professional translators armed with sector-specific knowledge to deliver accurate results.

    So, whether it’s health and safety manuals, technical instructions, patents, tenders, employment contracts, reports, or perhaps a niche project you require translating, get in touch with our team to see how we can meet your needs.


    Make better, more meaningful connections using interpreters you can rely on.

    Our interpreters are used by businesses and organisations seeking to improve their communications and build more meaningful connections with their customers, advocates, suppliers and prospects.

    For those working in complex and challenging situations, they also provide clarity and reassurance.

    With extensive experience delivering high-quality simultaneous and/or consecutive interpreting in both the public and private sectors, we can provide a service tailored to your business.

    • Organising necessary equipment hire for interpreting assignments
    • Accompanying clients to locations within, or outside of the UK, using our international network of interpreters
    • Providing assistance in a range of environments and situations, including the securing of business contracts
    • A commitment to accommodate your interpreting requirements, even at short notice
    • Experience in interpreting situations that demand discretion and sensitivity, such as court hearings and employee matters.


    Transcription and subtitle services for any language and any kind of media

    Your audio is transcribed twice.

    First, we get the words on the page.

    Then, your track is listened to again to ensure that your project is absolutely accurate and formatted to your exact instructions.

    We’ve found this model produces great results, as a second pair of ears and eyes can often pick up minor typos and inaudible parts that one person can easily miss. We believe in making the client experience as painless as possible.

    We offer  intelligent edit, semi-verbatim and full verbatim transcription.

    Intelligent edit removes the ‘ums’ and ‘ers’, repeated words, stutters, emotions and background noises. We ensure the transcript is grammatically correct, for example changing ‘yeah, I’m gonna’ to ‘yes, I’m going to’, but we will not change anything that could alter the meaning of the words or the expression of the speaker.

    Semi-verbatim We’re often asked to provide something in between an intelligent edit and a full verbatim transcript, particularly for student research interviews. Our Semi-Verbatim service takes out all the little ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ and stutters; other than this the transcript remains word-for-word, even if this means the grammar is incorrect. A semi-verbatim transcript also retains important interjections and prompts by the interviewer which can be vital to understanding the responses.

    Full verbatim, as the name suggests is a complete forensic transcription of your audio to a standard accepted by most courts, ‘umms’, ‘errs’, grammatical and vocabulary mistakes, false starts and repetitions – everything, even pauses or noises off are included.

    Legal Documents

    Providing subject matter expertise when accuracy is paramount.

    The translation of legal documents requires absolute accuracy. But we also realise it’s essential you can rely on professional linguists with extensive subject matter expertise, and a deep understanding of legal terminology and processes, to make sure your translation is watertight.

    Our translators have years of experience in delivering accurate, knowledgeable legal translation within tight deadlines, while always operating to the strictest security and confidentiality guidelines.

    Clients include national law practices as well as Government offices, and translation requirements in the past have included languages as diverse as Romanian, Urdu, Chinese and Russian.

    If you have legal documents you need translating, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in confidence.

    Multilingual Manuals

    Your multilingual instructions play a crucial part and it’s vital that you get yours right.

    Does your multilingual manual “including small spare parts unsuitable for 5 age and younger”? Perhaps your customer should “in need to change batteries when the LED of power is flicker”? And of course, every reader should “saft caution” and “keep this insruction munaul so as to read in furture” …

    Sadly, (and a little scarily) these kinds of translation mistakes aren’t uncommon in multilingual manuals. But they are, without a doubt, costly; with the potential to damage your reputation and trust in your brand, your multilingual instructions play a crucial part of your product service, and it’s vital you get yours right.

    We can translate your material into as many languages as necessary, and can assist with layout, presentation, and text for graphics to ensure clarity of content is always achieved. Our clients have increased their company sales as a direct result of being able to reach a wider audience; so, if you’ve a manual that needs translating and typeset, and want to avoid any embarrassing mistakes, just get in touch with us to discuss your next project.


    The right nuance, tone, sentiment; your message, communicated as it should be.

    We source only the very best people to deliver the right results for each of our clients; there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach here. It’s why we work within a community of digital marketers with the skill, experience and know-how to cater for every aspect of your marketing requirements.

    We also know that when it comes to marketing collateral, you’re likely to be working to tight deadlines; so, efficiency and efficacy are crucial.

    We produce marketing collateral ranging from email marketing, website content, catalogues, exhibition graphics, headlines, advertisements and social media profiles, as well as business cards, fliers and labels. So, however you choose to promote your service, we’ll translate quickly and accurately to ensure you get the results from your marketing that you’re looking for.

    Multilingual Artwork

    Reproducing your business materials and communications in foreign languages requires more than simple word-for-word translation.

    Our professional artwork and studio service will ensure that all your documents – including books, manuals, graphics, indexes, tables, business cards and presentation handouts – are successfully reset for the production of seamless and engaging business content.
    No matter the level of expertise required, we’ll help you optimise your online and print documents to achieve consistent products that retain the right tone and messaging for your company. From Chinese to Arabic, our team will work to deliver exceptional desktop publishing to aid and promote your organisation.


    Engage more effectively with your online visitors across the world.

    Your multilingual website isn’t just about making your organisation visible on a global scale; as well as promoting your services in other countries, it’s also an opportunity to improve connections with audiences here in the UK. It’s important you get your multilingual website right – translating your content can be one of the simplest ways to grow your customer base, if done well, of course.

    We’ll ensure that the content you display for your foreign visitors not only makes sense and reads well, but actively engages and connects with every potential customer. We’ve produced websites for many of our clients that work effectively across different languages, and we’ve seen some great results; our multilingual websites work to positively influence customer perceptions, and can directly impact on your success in foreign markets.

    If you’re looking to reach more people through your website, get in touch to discuss how we can help you increase your online exposure with an improved user experience.

    As a global organisation, we have had a need for fast, efficient translations on several occasions over the years. Language Company Group has always produced the goods in a highly professional manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Tim Wilson, CEO MSI Global Alliance www.msiglobal.org